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if any woman assaults you and you’re a guy you have every right to punch her in the face if needs be to defend yourself.

don’t just hit a girl for no reason tho cmon

chels tho

What Country is Most Suited to you? -Dubai

"You are an individual who enjoys the finer things in life, and love to surround yourself with beautiful things. You have a deep appreciation for urban architecture, and thrive best in a city that gives you the highest of nightlife, cuisine, and entertainment. You believe life is to be enjoyed to the fullest, but have no problem working hard to obtain what you want. You in fact take pride in working hard, and like to climb in your career. Others would perhaps describe you as a modernist, who appreciates culture and diversity, but enjoys the comforts of a superbly decorated home and clean living space. You are an urban dweller and like to enjoy a city where others share your passion for hard work and fine living. There is a deeper side to you however, and you find meaning in conversation about fine art, travel, and culture."

I expected Italy but Dubai is cool


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i need to master Badness’ “OOKAYYYYYYYYYYYY” for the next time someone pisses me off

I want an all black BMW X5 for my birthday if some1 can arrange tyvm